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She looked incredible with her perfect buns poking out behind and her breast jutting proudly out front. I was shocked as I witnessed her massage her breasts, stomach and then she moved down and squeezed her pussy. She was wearing a French cut panty like the one I was playing with, but it Aunt polly sucking cock red to match Aunt polly sucking cock bra. It was awesome to see the crimson color against her bronze skin as she ran a finger down the front crease.

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Her wide hips were spread so she could see herself in the mirror. Her right hand went Aunt polly sucking cock her mouth and she started sucking her own fingers and moaning softly. Her left hand was massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

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When she ran her saliva wet fingers inside her panties and began fingering her Aunt polly sucking cock, my knees buckled and I groaned out and began to erupt with spasms. I covered my spurting dick with her panties and tried to catch all the goo that was shooting from my penis.

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I could feel doom in the air when the closet door opened to reveal me on my knees with her panties clutched over my still squirting dong. She began slapping me across the face and all I could do was to hold her panties over my cock with both hands and start crying.

I looked Aunt polly sucking cock at her flushed face and naked chest and kept crying. Dietas faciles didn't know what to do. The tension eased from Polly's face as she accessed my condition. The tears were streaming down my Aunt polly sucking cock and I was holding my dick in both hands wrapped with her panties.

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Polly stared at my pulsing cock and was smiling as she said, "You soiled my new panties completely. Well then you little fucker, you must clean them up for me. I want you to lick Aunt polly sucking cock clean of all the nasty spunk you put on them. She rolled the goo around on her Aunt polly sucking cock to show me and then swallowed. She pushed the panties toward my lips and I slowly I brought the white jellied drawers to my mouth and began to lap the cream up.

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She reached out and began to stoke the skin under my nut-sack with her fingers as I munched on her panties. It felt so good to be touched by her that I never even thought about slurping up my own jack off cream. She started Aunt polly sucking cock squeeze her breasts again with one hand and she kept massaging my family jewels.

The large brown nipples perked to attention right before my eyes. Polly reached down and stripped her panties off and held them to my nose. The Aunt polly sucking cock smell from her body mixed with my own sex smells caused me to moan with excitement. She then started fingering her slit and probing inside for juice, which she brought out on her wet fingers to my nostrils.

She pulled the panties from my mouth Dietas faciles poked her fingers inside Aunt polly sucking cock me to lick. Like an obedient puppy, I slurped up her cream coated digits.

Aunt Polly took my hand and led me to the bed Aunt polly sucking cock she sat down and spread her legs wide for me to see. Kneel down and get a Aunt polly sucking cock look" she said as she spread the wet love lips apart with her fingers for me to view. Rushing to my knees I put my face closely between her legs and was able to see all the pinkish red moisture-laden skin gaping open before me.

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Her fingers worked the pussy open and she flicked an index finger back and forth at the top. Aunt Polly's love juices were getting the sheets wet as it flowed freely from her hole. I could see what seemed to be a small peter swelling up at her touch. Aunt Polly sat up and grabbed Aunt polly sucking cock head and pulled me into her crotch and ground her wet pelvis around my face.

I was wild with excitement and tried to dig and probe with my tongue in all the wonderful pungent smelling pussy. Her little Aunt polly sucking cock was getting harder and rising to meet my tongue, so I started chasing it with my tongue back and forth.

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I continued to suck and savor the flow of more hot liquid that suddenly filled my mouth. My dick was raging hard again and dripping sticky cum as I munched Aunt Polly's moist carpet. At last she released my head and fell back with her legs spread wide all juicy and pink. I sat up and kept looking at her gash as it quivered open and closed like it Aunt polly sucking cock winking at me.

When I looked up, she smiled and beckoned me with her fingers to climb up on the bed. My dick stood out like a beckon as I crawled slowly up on Aunt polly sucking cock of her body.

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Aunt polly sucking cock She initiated me into the mysteries of anal sex; I was the first to enjoy her there. She had a rather prominent rump, a bit on the heavy side perhaps, but sexy all right.

One night, after I had finished sucking her cunt and licking and kissing Aunt polly sucking cock valley between her buttocks to pleasure her, she asked me whether I would like to fuck her anally. I first thought she was teasing me.

We had watched many videos that showed close-up anal fucking with the women taking in huge cocks in their asses. One of the videos showed a big built man taking a rather tiny woman, an Asian girl in her ass.

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She was crouched on the bed, her tiny sexy rump exposed to be Aunt polly sucking cock. First he kissed and licked her there, putting his tongue right inside her anus. Then another woman also licked the anus of that slightly built Asian girl and then wet the man's cock with her mouth, sucking him to get hard.

The second woman took the man's cock Aunt polly sucking cock her hand and put it to the girl's anus.

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The man pushed it in slowly. The girl squirmed and tried to evade the ram that was going to enter her. The other woman then held the girl tight in her arms so that she could not move. The man held her hips tight. She was now their prisoner, ready to be taken in her ass. First the cock head entered the tiny orifice; then the whole head was inside. He tarried a bit, both he and the other woman enjoying the view of that huge cock partially inside that tight asshole.

He then pushed in slowly. The Aunt polly sucking cock tried to move her ass away but was held Aunt polly sucking cock by the bigger woman and the man. He then fucked her in the ass, slowly at first, and then faster Aunt polly sucking cock finally climaxed inside her, fucking her hard.

I was en route to Mumbai Aunt polly sucking cock Kolkata to take up my first job there. So I decided to travel in style, by 1st class air-conditioned coach, and here I was this Friday evening at 7 P. I was lucky to get a 2-seater coupe. To my utter surprise, the other occupant who was already there, was my mother's younger cousin, my aunt Polly, a most pleasant Aunt polly sucking cock lady, no longer young, but very well preserved and easy on the eye. For many years, I had been sexually aroused by her presence near me. Lizard men hentai porn Sucking Aunt cock polly.

All this while, the older woman had held the younger girl tight on her arms with her face smothered against her ample breast. Polly and I re-enacted the scene we had Aunt polly sucking cock earlier.

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She mad me kiss and lick her anal area for a good Aunt polly sucking cock of time while she was crouched on the bed, ass up. Then I applied KY jelly to my sturdy cock, put its head against Polly's asshole and pushed.

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It slipped, but I held me in my hand and pushed Aunt polly sucking cock head in a bit. Polly did not squirm or move. She had loosened her anal muscles and the entry was smooth.

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She said: Fuck me slowly now. You'll be able to fuck me harder after you have used my ass a couple of times more. We kissed. I fondled and caressed her dear body, her buttocks and the valley between getting Aunt polly sucking cock special care.

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I poured oil on her buttocks and back and tenderly massaged her until she fell asleep. One day she said: And, I want to see you make love to another woman.

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Her name was Rina. She was a married woman who augmented the family income by working as a masseuse. The massage session went off very well, with she first doing our hostess with me watching my lover's naked body being oiled and manipulated by this fine young woman, who we had persuaded to strip down to her bra and panties, but not before some protestations Aunt polly sucking cock she did not do such things in front of another man.

My hostess and I assured Aunt polly sucking cock that nothing would happen without Aunt polly sucking cock consent. Soon she began to knead and massage me, and as she was doing my lower abdomen, my cock began to rear upward menacingly. At this Rina turned her away from the sight, but soon she was making furtive glances at my erect member.

To Aunt polly sucking cock to her discomfiture, Polly began to kiss me on my lips and body in full sight of Rina, who was by now blushing profusely. Nevertheless, she managed to brush her arm against my cock, and now Polly asked her to strip.

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Rina said that no man except her husband had Aunt polly sucking cock her naked. Polly said the same thing had happened to her also, but there was nothing wrong in exposing yourself before someone you liked. After much coaxing and cajoling, we managed to denude Aunt polly sucking cock, and there she stood before us, naked, but still trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands.

I pulled her hands away. She had a lovely figure, pert upstanding breasts, with her torso tapering down to a narrow waist down to a clean shaven triangle of love, unlike my aunt Polly, who used to trim hers neatly.

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I started kissing her, taking her in my arms and with my hands fondling Aunt polly sucking cock plump round buttocks and caressing the valley between. She clung to me, with Polly Aunt polly sucking cock on with amusement. Rina's rump was soft and lovely to knead and handle. She was jammed against me with my cock between her legs just below her pussy hole Kinky ebony porn I would soon enter.

I lay down Rina on the bed, naked with her thighs open for me. I kissed her on the lips and mouth, and traveled down to her breasts, here belly, and finally her cunny hole. I kissed there lightly, and then on the inside of her thighs, flicking my tongue over the entrance to her cunt, but not putting my tongue inside. She exuded a musty though not unpleasant aroma. User Comments 1 Post a comment Comment: In order to post Aunt polly sucking cock comment you have to be logged in.

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